Horizontal Lines Don't Display

Thanks for the including the new Multi-Line and Multi-Sided Shape tools in Version 1.210430.0. Can’t wait to test drive them.

However, the current horizontal line tool needs some work. Many people are complaining that horizontal lines frequently don’t display. I am one experiencing this issue as well and guess that because I drew the horizontal line (as a ray) in prior days, it’s not loading on the current day. Judging by how to make them display - scroll out and pan back to the day they were created - it appears the issue could be resolved by adding a separate ray tool, instead of making ray a checkbox on the horizontal line. A line is defined by two points limiting its length, where a ray is a single point, limitlessly extending both directions. A separate ray tool would also make it easier to place on the chart and extending both directions would allow for identifying levels on previous days.


I support the problem very much interferes with the analysis of levels

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I am having much problems with this too. Lines dont show up on the 1 min, while they are fine on the 5 min. Please fix this.