Horizontal lines failing to sync

Using 2 different charts, both linked properly, and only some of my horizontal lines sync. It seems to be random at this point, but I’ve tried to un-sync and re-sync charts, changed colors, drew the lines from different charts, etc. It’s just random

So, can we fix this issue, and can we please finally get labels for horizontal lines?

Agreed. I’m experiencing issues with horizontal lines appearing on the chart they were drawn on, if they were drawn on previous days. To make them display, I have to scroll out, pan the chart back to the day they were created. PIA and very time consuming. Labels would be gravy.

Sync charts is a great idea but some things you don’t want to sync, like volume profile. Having control of which indicators sync would be great.

Labels have been requested before, and I am sure we aren’t the only people having issues with drawings synching. If these simple feature requests continue to get ignored, I will just take my money to ninjatrader for better charts and the same clearing firm