Synchronize Lines and Shapes Across Charts

It would be great to be able to synchronize a line/shape across multiple charts. Basically, allow different Charts to “subscribe” to a master list of shapes/lines. Or, from a particular shape’s property screen, you could display a list of Charts with check boxes to plot as appropriate.

Having lines/shapes/fibs etc. sync across different chart types would be very helpful.

I usually open multiple charts of the same symbol with different time frames. When I draw objects I would like see the object span across all charts automatically.

This would be greatly helpful, especially given that I constantly have to close charts down because they refuse to load or start acting crazy. Then I lose all my levels. Very frustrating.

This is so basic and every platform has it. I usually trade on the 5min chart on ES but I always check higher timeframes like 15min, 1hr, 4h, daily which I have open in separate chart tabs for quick browsing.

I want to be able to draw a level, box, fibonacci, etc on any of them, and as long as it is the same instrument, have it show on all the other charts I have open at timeframes as well. In tradingview this is done with a simple “drawing synchronize” option. On Sierra you can even customize which timeframes specifically copy which other chart.

This is very basic and should be implemented asap.


This feature could not come fast enough can you please push this ups the todo list?
An option to Synchronize across chart of the same Instrument would be great. So that way way it is the users choice.


This is a really crucial feature and would be most welcome. For example, levels could be identified in the higher timeframe charts (30min, 1 hour), and then drawn, which would then automatically replicate them on the other smaller timeframe charts that are open. It’s much easier to identify the critical levels from the higher timeframe charts. In Sierra Chart, there is a function to copy drawings from specific charts. For example, if you have chart #1 as a 60 min chart, and draw levels in it, then you could specify that chart #2 would copy its drawings, but chart #3 wouldn’t. Really would love this synchronize lines and other drawings across charts feature.

@dtrade We’re doing some evaluation and proof of concept work on this internally. I will keep this topic updated.

Thank you @BWeis , really looking forward to it rolling out.

To synch lines and drawings across different charts:

The charts should be “color linked”

After assigning a color, you can select an option to “Synch Charts” under the drawing menu

When the charts are synched, any drawing added to the chart will be reflected on all synched charts

And when a drawing tool is removed form one chart, it will be removed from all

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That’s brilliant! Looks functional and exactly how I was imagining it. Hope to try it out soon.

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Nice! So if I understand the solution correctly, All shapes among color linked charts are synchronized by clicking the Sync Charts button? How will you handle drawings that are modified on multiple charts and then synced - basically a concurrency issue. Last modified would prevail?

The only other thing I wonder is if having a checkbox on the shape properties to exclude from synch would be appropriate. Alternatively, when you click synch there could be a sync all option and a sync selected option.

The “Synch charts” is a setting and any changes done to a drawing tool are updated in the other charts real-time.

So, this setting will be enabled once for the chart

Quick view of it in action:
Tradovate - Charts

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Oh, I see…Great!

Don’t have the Sync Chart option.

Be sure you are:

  1. Using Chart (beta) module
  2. Have the color link set (setting the color link will enable the Synch Chart option in the menu)

having issues with this feature also; sent an email to (ticket - 113957) with a video that describes what I’m seeing. – thx, D.

Still no Synch chart option in beta chart. All colors set to red.

Are you using the web or downloadable version?

Tried both versions.