Synchronize Lines and Shapes Across Charts

I have an issue with drawings syncing properly. If I draw a horizontal line on a longer timeframe chart, then the only way it shows up on the shorter timeframe chart is to zoom out to the point where the drawing on the longer time frame chart originated. Can this be corrected? Thanks.


This is an issue for me as well. Is anyone aware if there has been a request created for fixing this?

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The lines will not stay synchronized across the charts. Some lines come through and some don’t. Sometimes they just disappear on some charts. Why will this not work properly across all charts consistently?

BWeis, why are there so many issues with the synchronizations across charts? It will not work consistently.

I can confirm what Mike4 is saying. Even when all charts are setup to be synced, it doesn’t work consistently. Some charts will be synced, others won’t. Drawing horizontal lines will cause other horizontal lines to disappear from the chart.

This seems like a huge issue and should be a top-priority bug fix.