ADD Feature [CHARTS] - Horizontal Lines

Love the syncing charts, work great for the most part.

HOWEVER, need to add the option so users can ADD/PLOT HORIZONTAL LINE. I don’t want to draw support/resistance lines and continue to extend them as time progresses, I want to be able to click where to add the horizontal line/level and then plot it.

Going through the process of extending horizontal lines that I’ve already drawn over-and-over-and-over again is ridiculously redundant. Should be any easy fix/addition.

Support/resistance/price levels: charting 101.


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Hi @doXobins

Thanks for posting to the community!

Does the “line” or “ray” feature achieve what you are looking for?

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Hey, thanks so much, but where are the line settings?

If you double-click the line, the settings modal will open

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yesss! Thanks SO much!