Accuracy! Priceline on chart and open P/L don't match!

Hello, I am new here, but I have noticed a major, major problem. The priceline money and the open P/L don’t match. In fact the open P/L in three places (showing the same thing) don’t match the priceline amount and they lag significantly. This makes it difficult to see when I want to exit the trade, and also, the accuracy is so off that sometimes it is out of money when it should be in and at a different price.

I have tried to trade with this, and I feel it is making a difference in the accuracy of the trades. I have never seen this before with other chart systems. Will this be fixed?

If you want a better priceline that matchs perfectly the movement of the last price in the candlestick (line,barchart) you have to add the “NOM colored Price Line” with show value flagged (Under Explore Community Indicators)

That being said Tradovate seems to ignore the issue
Their “official” LAST TRADE PRICE lags a lot
But they are not interested to investigate
Actually they don’t reply in this forum
It would be enough if they adopt the NOM Colored price line to replace their LAST TRADE PRICE and the issue would be soved…