Show PNL on Position Line on Chart

Regarding the P&L on the price line (open P&L)?
I trade mostly the NQ and I don’t use the DOM

Is it a kind of feature difficult to add?

We’ve noted your request for that. For now, this detail does show in the chart header:

Thanks anyway

But I am a scalper and my eyes are constantly on right of the chart :slight_smile:

So I love to see my Open P&L very close to the last candlesticks
It sounds irrelevant, but I have improved my risk control with this feature and increased my profits

@BWeis , I believe this is what he would like to see and i would like to see the P&L in the charts too. The DoM has these options already.


You got the point MadCat

This simple addition could bring Tradovate in another level of liking IMHO

You and I must be in the minority, Trading directly off the chart seems like the most intuitive way. But the DoM seem to be what most Trading platforms focus on as the main thing to use. Trying to keep up with a Yellow bar bouncing up and down the Price ladder of the DoM and them trying to place an order on the ladder that is constantly auto scrolling is maddening to me.


Exactly! And if you trade the NQ, the DOM is almost impossible to follow
However Ninja, Sierra, Trade Station, Multicharts, Prorealtime, just to name a few… have this feature


Well there is some hope, Tradovate does seem to try to accommodate their customers when there is enough interest or demand for the feature. I would think this would be an easy one to add since it would be just a data window attached to the existing ordered and fill lines.

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@giovanni_turrini we have moved your request to its own topic for others to vote on. (Feel free to vote on it) We review all requests and are always looking for ways to improve our product.

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Would also like there to be an option to show P/L in ticks/points rather than $. Helps psychologically.


I would like this too

This is what most traders want

I have a suggestion for the P&L, maybe it’s not so difficult to realize, and it’s very immediate and useful for users that want this feature
It can also be placed in the right side of the chart
A choice made by user to enable this feature

Please reply to this


@BWeis Any decision about that? What is the problem to add this feature? It’s a common standard in all trading platforms.

Any update on this?
It’s very strange that this feature is still to develop

Has there been an update on this? Would also love to know and have this as an option on the charts and to hide the open PNL on the header of the charts. It’s pretty standard with other futures platforms.

For what reason this feature has not yet been added??

I think a lot of us would like this function.

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Still evaluating process after 1 year?
I need this feature

How many votes is needed to get this update done? Is very useful during the position opened. Many others platforms there this feature by default. Please do it ASAP.

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