P/L in ticks for charts

I know there’s a “show P/L in ticks” option for the DOM but is it possible to implement it into the charts? It would be great as I usually trade based on ticks/points rather than currency.

Wait. Can you even see P/L in price on the chart?

Yeah it shows under the position column next to the buy buttons once you enter a trade.

Oh ok, it the bar at the top of the chart not on the Position line on the chart it self.

Want to bump this, would like to be able to show positions in ticks rather than currency. I trade off the chart and I want the same functionality as the DOM for this please.


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I would love to see have this feature available as well. Since we already have this feature for the DOM, it would make sense to extend this feature to the chart as well.

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You can vote here for this addition (ticks and currency)

Another vote for having the option on the chart trading panel to show the profit in ticks, rather than currency, in the same way that that option is available on the DOM.