P/L on chart only shown in $$

Yes I know there’s already a post about this but I’d like to create a new one to hopefully get Tradovate’s eyes on the topic since they obviously haven’t implemented this in any of their updates. As of right now the P/L on the chart in trade mode only shows up in dollars. What MANY of us would like to see is the option to change it into points or ticks or just completely remove it while keeping the position visible or even having the option to remove that as well while still keeping the trade mode on. I am not talking about the option to (show p/l on priceline) I am talking specifically about the trade mode. While on this topic, when trading in several accounts grouped together, you will see your total position and P/L across all the accounts. For example, you’ve grouped 10 accounts and your total position is 10 contracts, you will see that and the P/L for all the accounts even though you only have 1 contract per account. I’d much rather just see the P/L for a single account then all 10 because that affects my psychology and exit my positions prematurely.