Order Brackets On Chart - No Horizontal Line

There is no problem creating an order on the chart using preprogrammed brackets, HOWEVER, when trying to move the order points by dragging the brackets on the vertical price column, there are no corresponding horizontal lines showing the price entries as there are on the normal chart. This makes it very difficult to relocate the the order points visually on the chart because you can’t see the price in relation to the current bars being painted.

Hi Don,

Be sure to enable “Show Order Lines” under the chart settings and this should display what you are describing:

I knew of this solution already, but I will comment that a little consolidation of chart configuration menus would go a long way as far as user experience goes. Currently there’s 3 different locations to configure different chart options, which are Chart Settings, Configure Chart Elements, and View Settings. It would make more sense to just have a single settings menu.

We’re working on tidying up some settings areas

You are partially correct. As you stated when I enable the Show Order Lines I do see horizontal lines for “all” of the bracket points and when I move an order they all move. However, if you have the Show Order Lines off on the normal charts, when you try to move an order point a horizontal line pops up so that it is easy to see where the order is being moved to in relation to the chart candles. On the new Beta Chart (Show Order Lines off) no such horizontal line appears when trying to move an order, making it very difficult to see where you are moving the order point to.

It would also be nice if there was a way to customize the order lines. I like seeing them all the time, but i think they are too thick. Maybe if they could be dotted lines or something.