Disable moving chart via price area to avoid dragging chart instead of bracket orders

Dear Tradovate developers,

I have a recurring issue with managing my orders as I only trade on the chart: in the heat of the moment, while managing my active bracket order with pending TP and SL orders, I often end up dragging around the chart instead of adjusting my orders.
That’s only because of the ability to move the chart vertically by clicking & holding in the price area the same way you can on the chart itself. But you can’t move the chart like this on the horizontal axis in the time area - and that’s how it should be for the price area, too.
That’s because the price area is the only area of the chart to manage bracket orders by clicking on them and moving them up or down - which eventually is the only way of managing active trades when trading on the chart. So this crucial area should be reserved for only that functionality!
Otherwise there are often situations while trading the fast-moving opening hour of the NQ or ES where I need to adjust my orders within seconds (like many scalpers, I trade on 1 minute charts) and clicking multiple times in that area only leads to suddenly dragging around the whole chart instead of my orders - even though I’m not even holding the click anymore! So instead of being able to manage my trade at a critical moment, I first have to find out how to end this issue by randomly clicking somewhere else until it stops! All this clicking happens as these orders are rather close to one another and the clickable area for selecting and dragging them is already so narrow - so moving the chart is the last thing I’d like to do when clicking around that area!
This problem has led to substantial losses only because I wasn’t able to move my TP close to the price action so on the next swing it went straight through SL instead.
It also seems like a bug to me as I can barely recreate this behavior on purpose of clicking a few times until the chart moves around according to my mouse movements although I’m not holding the click.
But disabling the feature to move the chart via the price area would get rid of these issues altogether!
Is there already a way to change this functionality the way I described? If not, I hope this feature can easily be adjusted.

I wish left click didnt move the chart. Left for orders and right for moving would work great for me

Agree! The price area of the chart should NOT manipulate the chart - instead, it should be used solely for managing active trades on the chart (not a combination of both).

As davstano notes, any mis-click in this area while trades are active can (and has) resulted in financial loss.

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