New (beta) Charts - Feedback / Issues

Hi @BWeis
is there a way to move the indicators up and down on the chart workspace or do I always have to delete and add them if I want to change the order?

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Still having issues with custom indicator moving averages not tracking correctly in the “new/still should be beta” charts. Can this please be addressed? I can’t trade off these charts if I’m getting bad signals. Example once again below with “Improved Tiki Trend” indicator but happens also with Tiki’s Trend indicator as well.


The Hot keys for the chart only works on a single chart at a time and we cannot enable all of them
Can we have this enabled for any chart or combination of them for the next release ?

Curious if anyone else gets this issue with beta charts. I’ll be looking at a chart, switch tabs to a different chart, go back to the beta chart and then everything basically disappears expect for a single bar or two. Usually I can clear this out by reloading the webpage (Safari) or restart the Desktop app but have noticed this behavior since the introduction of the beta charts. Example attached.

When this happens, would you be able to grab the Javascript Console (Safari). It would be best to save the entire contents of the console. We can have a look and see if we can help diagnose the reason:

Sure, but happens in the desktop version for me as well. Does that matter or is the desktop Tradovate using java too?

Desktop uses the same code as the browser. If you see it happen on the desktop, you can grab the console from there too (I assume you’re on a Mac since you referred to Safari in your original post)

Command+Option+i will open the console on the desktop version. Select the “Console” tab. And you will be able to “Save As” from there

Since the issue is not resolved, the legacy charts will be still available or are you planning to remove?

And for the request to have P&L on the position line in the chart, is still an option that you are considering?
If yes any timeline?

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We do not have a set date for removal of the legacy charts at this time


Please Don’t remove them, The beta charts still don’t work for me. Would hate to be forced to leave Tradovate because chart functionality.


Being as how the beta charts are still extremely buggy, I’d hope the legacy charts will be around for quite some time to come.

Bug to report: I can’t move a horizontal drawing up and down to different levels once it’s been drawn and set at a level in beta charts. This is possible in legacy charts. I assume it’s a bug.

Bug #2: Is there any update on fixing the crosshairs not being able to disappear when cursor is moved off chart issue? This is such a pain and probably my biggest gripe with the beta. If I have crosshairs on, it gets stuck on the hard right edge of my chart and overlays on current candle being printed so I can’t even see where the candle’s wick is. If I turn off the crosshairs, then I can see, but then I can’t quickly use the crosshairs to check a level. Very frustrating.


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Would you be able to report this to the support group and they can investigate the cause?

We’re not able to immediately reproduce it quickly taking a look here

Nevermind on the horizontal drawing issue. I messed with it some more and it just seems the beta chart is more particular about where exactly you click on the drawing and try to drag it whereas legacy was more forgiving. I just need to be more precise about where I have my cursor over it before attempting to drag it around.

But while I’m here, feature request: old charts if you click on a menu box on a chart (drawings, chart elements, indicators, etc) and you want to quickly close that menu, you could just click anywhere on the chart itself and it closes the menu. Beta chart requires you to click back on the icon you clicked to open said menu in order to close it. Not a huge deal but a little annoying and not as fast or convenient.

Just to report that the stop limit orders are now working as they should on the beta charts, nice work guys

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@BWeis After entering a bracketed trade, sometimes I need to adjust my profit targets. But if there’s more than one contract per order at a price, moving that order will only move 1 contract from that price. So I have to move each individual contract.

Would I avoid this by specifying the quantity at each bracket? Right now they are all at 1.

But that wouldn’t fix the same issue happening with the stop loss (moving only 1 lot at a time).

I believe it used to drag all contracts at that price. How can I get back to this behavior?

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How come the Beta Chart will only let me zoom out to display 3 hours at a time (i use 300 tick candles). I can zoom out 12 trading days on the Legacy chart with the same 300 tick time frame. I need to be able to zoom out and see at least a few days of data to get an overview of what the market is doing and draw trend lines that cross multiple days, this chart prevents that. Also this limitation prevents indicators like “Pivot points” to render on the chart.
For me this is unacceptable and will not be using the beta charts, Things like this is why the Legacy Chart still the better option at the moment.

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Bid/Ask Charts are really hard to see the actual candle colors. I have my prefs set to thick lines and I can barely tell they exist.

I agree that the new charts need some polishing. But for the time being you might find my settings more readable. At least for numbers cause I don’t have body colors on.




Horizontal lines placed from prior days will vanish. Sometimes chart just goes blank (to be fair this happens on both charts).