TTM scalper alert

I was wondering if anyone has the TTM scalper alert already coded from TOS? I like using it but hate running both TOS and Tradovate at the same time. I know @tikidave has made alot of the TTM stuff but I haven’t found it yet. Im going to take a shot at it but figured I would ask first.

I could look into making it, I recall it being simple, do you know if any of the code is public / published somewhere else?

I found a trading view version but im unfamiliar with PineScript (I’m familiar with C/C++/C#, still self learning java) I found TTM’s now simpler trading’s help page regarding it. Ive been attempting this evening by using a Williams fractal indicator as a base but im running into errors when trying to eliminate the look back portion.

Aloha! I created this custom indicator based on the TradingView code above. It is called “Tiki Scalper” and you can customize the colors to whatever you like. Note this does not include the marker as it is backward looking and would require a custom plotter to achieve.

Note the big red bar above, that would be nasty if you took the short signal so buyer beware! :slight_smile: