Seeking Help Porting a Nice ToS Scalping Indicator

Hey there,

I have a terrific scalping indicator for TOS that I would like to use on tradovate. It is a simple channel run on two separate timeframes (fast chart entries getting confirmations from the slower chart). Unfortunately I don’t know a thing about javascript. It should be quite easy to do, I would think. It’s only 40 lines of code in thinkscript.

This earned $2800 in the last two days on ToS sim trading trading 1 contract NQ at a time and swung from a $900 drawdown to a $580 net profit yesterday.

Thanks to anyone who replies. I can provide any details that you wish.


details on this? what’s the specifics on how the channel is formed?

If you can share the tos script or details on how it works, should be easy to port to JavaScript

Thank you both for responding. My partner figured it out.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


hi I need help porting a tos script. Can you please assist?