Request for custom indicator


I’m a trader that moved from thinkorswim where I designed my own indicator. I have NO idea how to program in Tradovate. Looking for someone willing to help (willing to pay for your service) to create the same indicator.

It’s based on marking the bars (I use arrows in TOS) based on the RSI, 21EMA and MACD criteria meeting certain values.

Jason Gravelle

Hi Jason!
I was in the same boat with regards to coming from another platform and trying to code indicators for tradovate. I looked at the community indicators and also went through a few tutorials to get myself started. I’ve linked one below. Hope it helps!
Btw it’s mostly in javascript but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve coded previously:

Message me if you are still interested, I can help.

hi, I can help with that. drop me an email to