Anyone want an opportunity?

I’m new to Tradovate, and I want to completely disconnect myself from the NinjaTrader platform. However, there are some awesome custom indicators in NT8 that I just can’t seem to do without. It would be nice to write my own code to try to make them work in the Tradovate environment, but I just can’t find enough time to do that. The code for these indicators is not available to share, so that makes it even tougher when you have to start from scratch. The names of these indicators along with the company that owns them are listed below. If anyone has something similar that I might be able to use as a substitute, please let me know. Thanks! By the way, I like some of the custom indicators on the Tradovate platform as well…

Supply and Demand Volume Zones with Multi-time-frame capability - NeuroStreet Trading

SuperTrend Indicator that allows you to use different Base periods and also includes a selectable Offset period with a multiplier - LizardIndicators

FatBoy Indicator - This indicator shows the strength/weakness of selected futures instruments and how they compare with each other. Good for market correlation analysis to determine if the market is ready to reverse trends. - Hawkeye Traders

Hey, I am also looking to transfer 2 indicators from Tradingview, I have the Pine code but I can’t find anyone to convert them to Java and make them usable on Tradovate. If you can help with that, can you please let me know? Thanks bud, I would of helped but I’m not a programmer .