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Hi All!

Just moved over to Tradovate from another broker/platform. I’m in the process of setting up and was wondering if anyone has the capacity to assist in creating a simple inside bar indicator? Doesn’t need to be fancy, would be neat to have an alert but a basic arrow or color changed candle would also work.

Currently having trouble setting up Tradingview to backtest/trade with Tradovate and really the only thing i need from Trading view is the inside bar indicator. Would be much easier for me to just switch over if someone can help me get the indicator set up.

Thank you!!

Hi @Ricardo_Recio, welcome to Tradovate! We happen to have a large set of community developed custom indicators available. From your Tradovate Dashboard, you can access and search for indicators using the community indicators icon on the right-most vertical bar. It’s likely you’ll be able find something close to what you need. Hope that helps!

Thanks Alexander, I checked and there is nothing that would allow me to identify, alert, or even color inside bars. :frowning:

Hello again @Ricardo_Recio,

I am positive that what you’re describing is possible using the new Graphics Module for custom indicators. Not sure what the specifics of the implementation would be but you can certainly use shapes to highlight inside-bars. You can read about writing your own custom indicators here. Once you have the basics down, be sure to peruse the Graphics section.

I appreciate the direction but i’m not trying to learn javascript. :rofl: I’m hoping Tradovate or a community member would be able to create it. Probably a 5 minute job for someone with js knowledge.

The inside bar strategy is a simple trading indicator that’s fairly popular as a entry/stop strategy so figured someone might see some value in creating it, especially with it being available on most platforms out of the box.

I have the pine script coding for it but looks like that is an entirely different language but then again I know nothing about coding.

Anyways, if anyone can create it would be appreciated… otherwise stuck using tradingview alongside the trader app which is only a $13 monthly annoyance for now. If I could get Tradovate to work with trading view that would solve the issue as well but that is not working for me and tradingview was unable to assist. Keeps telling me MES isn’t supported but it should be and i’m paying everyone for live data and add ons etc etc… just need tradingview’s inside bar or the trade panel to work properly with tradovate so I don’t have to use two seperate apps/screens at once.

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Give this a try.

Hi your link just takes me to Tradovate login?

If you login to Tradovate platform, that link should take you to the indicator so you can install it. If it doesn’t work, just login into the platform, click on the “Community Indicators” icon on the far right side (looks like 3 people, just above the trophy/cup icon). Then search for “Inside / Outside”.

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You are amazing thank you!!!

Indicator works wonderfully! <3 <3 <3

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