Import Tradingview indicator to Tradovate


I don’t know uf the topis is here somewhere already, could not find the answers. I have pine script code for a indicator, which I want to use on Tradovate chart. Can someone please help me, how to easily convert the pine script to Java script.
Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Here is the pine script I need to convert:

strategy(“Nasdaq Futures Day Trading”, overlay=true)

// Define strategy parameters
fastLength = input(10, title=“Fast MA Length”)
slowLength = input(30, title=“Slow MA Length”)
profitTargetPercent = input(1, title=“Profit Target (%)”) / 100
stopLossPercent = input(1, title=“Stop Loss (%)”) / 100

// Calculate moving averages
fastMA = ta.sma(close, fastLength)
slowMA = ta.sma(close, slowLength)

// Strategy logic
enterLong = ta.crossover(fastMA, slowMA)
enterShort = ta.crossunder(fastMA, slowMA)

if (enterLong)
strategy.entry(“Long”, strategy.long)
strategy.exit(“TakeProfit/StopLoss”, from_entry=“Long”, profit=close * profitTargetPercent, loss=close * stopLossPercent)

if (enterShort)
strategy.entry(“Short”, strategy.short)
strategy.exit(“TakeProfit/StopLoss”, from_entry=“Short”, profit=close * profitTargetPercent, loss=close * stopLossPercent)

// Plot moving averages
plot(fastMA, title=“Fast MA”,
plot(slowMA, title=“Slow MA”,

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Thank you for your response.

Where I can send you a message?

Hi need help to convert Tradingview indicator to tradovate

Greetings, which indicator do you want to convert?

i have several indicators that i would like converted. if you are able to do this i would be willing to pay you for your time. please advise. i group trade so i can simply just connect to trading view through tradeovate ( would be so simple !!) im sick of looking at multiple charts and would like to just have all the indicators i use in 1 space .

hi I can help. drop me an email to

hey need your help converting tradingview indicator to tradovate plz and thank you, indicator name is bbtrend.
indicator(“BBTrend”, timeframe=“”, timeframe_gaps=true)

shortLengthInput =, “Short BB Length”, minval = 1)
longLengthInput =, “Long BB Length”, minval = 1)
stdDevMultInput = input.float(2.0, “StdDev”, minval = 0.001)

[shortMiddle, shortUpper, shortLower] =, shortLengthInput, stdDevMultInput)
[longMiddle, longUpper, longLower] =, longLengthInput, stdDevMultInput)

BBTrend = (math.abs(shortLower - longLower) - math.abs(shortUpper - longUpper)) / shortMiddle * 100

posColorStrong =, 25)
negColorStrong =, 25)
posColorWeak =, 50)
negColorWeak =, 50)

histColor = switch
BBTrend > 0 and BBTrend >= BBTrend[1] => posColorStrong
BBTrend > 0 and BBTrend < BBTrend[1] => posColorWeak
BBTrend < 0 and BBTrend > BBTrend[1] => negColorWeak
BBTrend < 0 and BBTrend <= BBTrend[1] => negColorStrong
=> posColorWeak

plot(BBTrend, “BBTrend”, style = plot.style_columns, color = histColor)
hline(0, “Zero line”)

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I am code developer and will be happy do discuss this with you.