Nasdaq NQ chart

Could someone help make custom TOS indicator for trading platform

There is one already made, ask the people in the “Futures Room” at Theotrade for it.

WE, the support at Tradovate and myself have found it
difficult to transfer onto my trading chart I would like to trade
with Tradovate but am inable to without this charts assistance…
are you able to help me
Bret Carpenter 408-249-9000

Do you have the Java Script (.js) file for that indicator?

THis is what I have BRet 408-249-9000

(Attachment nasdaq chart.txt is missing)

Looks like you have A .TXT file instead of the .js file, so you have to do a few more steps to get it into Tradovate. Tradovate should be able to help with this, it is their platform.

You have to paste the script in that .txt file you have into the code editor in Tradovate. Like this.

Go to the “+” in the user left hand corner and open up the models window.
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 10.19.22 AM

open the module called “Code Explorer”

Go to file and create a New File

Name it to what ever you want.

Delete the pre made lines of code in that file you created ( make sure you have the one you made selected in the left window and not some other file.

Now paste your Script into empty file.

The go to “File ,/ Save” and save your file.

Once saved you have Close / quite the Tradovate trader for the new indicator to show up in your indicator list within the charts.