Tiki Opening Range: Need Help

Hey All,

New to the forums and TV. I came across an opening range indicator that I really enjoy but I have been issues with it upon opening bell. A lot of the times as the market opens the OR does not populate. I have tried removing and readding the indicator, hitting f5 to refresh my charts, and even signing out and signing back in. I need help getting it to work all the time bc when I dont have it throws me off.

@tikidave hey just found out that you created the indicator. Just wanted to say I love the indicator man! however, I have been having some issues at the start of the bell. Do you have time to discuss your indicator and find a solution?

Thanks in advance!

hey there - sure! let me know what chart settings you have and we can troubleshoot it

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Let me know if you want a screenshot of the code sent over too

What chart type are you using? It looks like a 512 tick chart? I have had problems with those in the past.

Also, confirming you want the range to be set after the second minute? I think that’s the problem, you are using ticks instead of time bars and it works based on the time. Maybe it’s too short.

Also what symbol are you using? RTY seems to work with those settings at least today…

Yes, I do use a tick chart. I thought the indicator was off of the time clock not off of time bars. and I am using MNQ. I do want the range set after the 2 minutes have passed.

Some days it populates just fine ont he tick chart and other days it doesnt show up. Is there anyway we can accommodate the chart so I can use it on the tick chart?

Yea I am wondering if there is just some bug I have where maybe the 512 ticks happen over a few minutes and it doesn’t register…I can see if I find anything.

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thank you I appreciate that. Let me know if you need anything else from me

Alright I think I fixed it! Shared the update, let me know.

sorry where do I get the update, I searched the community indicators on Tradeovate and did not see the update.

Also I a side question, is there any way to plot the the time it takes for a tick bar to fill. So for example, one cannot use volume indicator on a tick chart bc each bar is a set number of transactions. I like the tick bc you can get a feel of the market. Bars close quicker there is more volume. However, once the bar is closed and behind us it doesnt help us much. Are we able to plot the amount of seconds it takes for each bar to fill and create a line graph off of that. I was thinking the seconds to reach tick amount can be plotted as negative numbers. so that way the quicker the fill the higher it is relative to the longer fills. Let me know what you think about this

I think all you need to do is refresh your page to get it.

Interesting idea, so a histogram plot of the time it takes to complete the bar. I will give that some thought!

I refreshed, but i am unable to tell if it worked. I can try tomorrow, but like I said some days it works and some days it does not. Do you mind sharing with me what part of the code you updated and to what? That way I can check to see if it actually updated.

And sounds good. I dont know if it is possible or if anyone would find any value, but I think it may be a good way to see momentum in the market.


Yep line 48, I removed the requirement to check for !priorTimestamp.getSeconds() because tick bars do not have exact zero seconds.

so after looking into it a bit further, it does not update automatically. However, i did uninstall and reinstall the study and the update appeared. I will keep an eye on it the next few days and let you know if I run into any issues.

Also, if you decide to work on the histrogram for tick volume please let me know I would love to try it out and provide feedback if you need that

Thanks for the help!

Hello, I’m also a tiki opening range indicator user…I discovered it would give me issues (not plotting) on my 18 momentum range chart but works great on my time based chart. Also, Thanks to tikidave for creating so many useful indicators.

hey @Rocky is it still giving you problems?

Ive been using it on a 5 min chart with no issues. I just added back to my momentum range chart and ill check it out tomorrow and report back

Opening range and OHLC still print different values for tick vs time charts. I keep a time based chart up for the open and draw on my tick charts. Is it standard for this type of indicator to calculate based on candle closes? The issue seems to stem from an unclosed candle carrying over from prior to the set start time for the indicator which is basically guaranteed to occur in range and tick candles

Yea @Ryan_Berg that’s exactly the issue. There is no way to grab the close at the point of time “mid-bar”, so to speak.

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