No data shown on Bid-Ask Imbalance chart type

Often numerical data will just stop showing up on candles (am using 1min, haven’t tried other timeframes). This happens on both new candles and randomly during the 1min period. This has been happening for over a week, so it’s not transient. Changing between tabs sometimes will resolve this issue, but not always. Very frustrating when in the middle of a trade, as losing this data essentially makes me blind when trying to execute.

Reference video linked (issue starts at 22s):

Reference pictures attached:

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It appears you are using the “Legacy Chart” module. Do you see the same occur in the “Chart” module?

The most expedient way to get issues resolved would be through our support team who will gather logs and escalate to the development team as necessary. If you see this behavior continue in the “Chart” module, you can reach our support team on chat (in the trader or on our website), phone, or, opening a ticket by sending an email to support(at)

When I called, I was told by Support that I should post to the forums so that a dev can reach out.

This issue has been replicated across Chrome, Edge, and the Tradovate app on Windows (all under Legacy chart mode).

I will give the non-legacy chart a try to see if this issue still happens, however the new charts do not have the option to have ‘transparent’ as a color, which is a critical feature for me, so this is currently not a fix for my issue.

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Chiming in to add that I’ve had this happen to me too a couple of times on 5min time frame setting. Of the instances I remember it seemed to occur during high volume / volatility events (like the opening bell or fomc minutes release yesterday), will keep an eye out for it if it happens again. Was using the desktop app.

While I prefer the display options on the “Legacy Chart,” the numerical data display issue is definitely fixed on the “Chart” module.

I believe the numerical data will load if you scroll the mouse wheel on the legacy chart but I’ve found it needs to be done nearly constantly to be of any use. Which I suppose is actually not very useful