New (beta) Charts - Feedback / Issues

We’ve been able to reproduce it here. Its with the devs to fix.

Latest beta releases seem to be significantly improving so happy to see the progress. I do have two issues I’d still love to see resolved in future updates:

  1. Allow crosshairs to dissapear/become invisible as you pull cursor off the chart. This is the behavior of legacy charts but not Beta. Right now crosshairs are always stuck on the charts if being used which blocks view and is distracting.

  2. Community indicators seem to be working better with latest release but I’ve found issues with ones using Moving Averages getting “stuck” and going sideways such as tystr’s Improved Tiki Trend indicator (example below).


We have this one on the list. Should be addressed here shortly

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Hotkeys for these 2 functions (as well as many others in Chart (beta) will be coming in the next release

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Give the beta version a shot this evening. There should be a fix in there for this issue:


An overview of the hotkeys available in the charts in the upcoming beta release (on 1/15/2021):

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Hi Brian, tried again this morning and still having that issue with custom MA’s flatlining as soon as chart is opened. Only seems to be an issue with custom ones. Native MA’s work fine on Beta. I’ll attach this morning’s chart below.

Testing out the new Update to Trader (1.210108.3) I noticed that the beta chart prints Square Dots now instead of round. Is this a bug or is the New Chart not going to be able to render round shapes? (See image below)

Is there a way to edit the number of contracts on the chart once placed?
like double clicking on the tag on the price axis?

Beta charts are missing Linking colors. it only has 3 colors, Legacy Chart has 6 Color (Linking Options)

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 8.25.11 PM

Thanks @MadCat This will be addressed in the next updtae

Any one have issue with drawings not syncing/ showing up on linked charts?

I have an ticket open (113957) and I attached the video to that email to support.

I’m going to place a link here with the video hopefully.

Beta Chart limited to a 3 day max Zoom out, Legacy Chart maxed out at 9 days max. Is this a bug?


Just wanted to report that turning off the bar histograms doesn’t do anything and keeps the histogram colors on.


Having trouble with the Syncing feature in the latest update to Chart Beta. Mac App (Version 1.210108.3)

Running Mac OSX 10.14.6

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On the beta version for windows, now stop orders cannot be moved at all on the chart, I enter with a limit order on the DOM then place a stop that would leave me with a positive profit, if the price continues in my favor and I want to tighten the stop, I can’t, I have to remove it and add it again.

if stops cannot be moved then it would be nice to have a hotkey to place stops since we already have a hotkey that can remove them. seems like you added a bunch of nice hotkeys based on the beta charts, beta charts can place stops so would be nice to have hotkeys for those too.

I know this Bug keeps getting overlooked but is should be fix ASAP. The confirmation window popup when Order confirmation is disabled.

did you change the font style? It appears less visible

Bug with Chart Beta in replay mode.

Testing out using Chart Beta this weekend i discovered that you can not move the Chart Beta around (Pan) while the Replay is paused. Also the drawing tools do Not function while paused in replay mode as well.

Moving, adjusting, scaling, and placing drawings in the Legacy Chart while paused in replay mode functioned as expected.

I noticed that the new hot keys dont work for me, “Go to current bar” for example. I am using Beta Charts