Issue saved workspace resetting to earlier date

I’m having an odd issue. I’ve posted little while that my drawing and lines aren’t always there when starting platform in morning.
The issue I’ve noticed past 2 days is. When I log into platform my anchored VWAP I changed the date on the previous night is set back to previous date a week or 2 ago. Also the GC and MGC contract I rolled forward is rolling back to earlier date. So when I log out of platform and then back in following day, that would also explain why my lines and boxes are not appearing.
I do not understand why this is.

This is continuing to happen. Each day this week when opening my browser version it is rest to an earlier day settings settings and I have to roll over contracts I’ve previously rolled over, this week was MCL and CL.
I have been using Tradovate platform for approx 3 years and have never had this problem.