Domsettings are getting reset after a while

Hello. I’m new to Tradovate. I did configure my Dom which I’m using as a stand-alone window. When restart Tradovate it comes up as I left the platform.

But, when I start the platform hours later (overnight) the Dom settings are reset to default. For instance I prefer Limit Order - Left Click Stop Order - Left click. So I have to check every time the settings after a restart. Everything else seems to be fine.

Another thing: Click on price brings up the alert window. When I drag the ladder with the mouse sometimes by accident the alert window comes up. I wish I could this disable.

If there is an update does my platform ask me to update or do I have to download it manually? Release note: Under Application Settings>Application. In the Theme dropdown an option has been added “Auto based on user Preference”
I don’t have this option.

I see the ability to import workspace templates. But how can I export or save them?

Thanks guys