Remove Tradovate "Help: popup window

I don’t want this window popping up covering important information, it is an unnecessary feature that can get in the way and possibly cause and issue and loose money. Please have an option to turn this off permanently.


Do you close it by clicking the X? After closing, are you seeing this popup often? It should only pop upon the first login(after clearing cookies too) or as we add new Walk throughs. Although, we have been creating all-new ones and publishing them.

That’s the thing, I don’t want to keep closing it i want an option to not have popups. It really dangerous as a trader to have popups that cover your Trading platform, because inevitably it’s going to happen a the wrong time and end up costing me money.

Your News Popup has already cost me a bad trade, when trying to closed it I clicked the DoM that was beneath it instead and enter the market. I had to take a loss to get out.

Please stop with the popups, they are a dangerous nuisance. If you want to get peoples attention to a button, why not just have it flash a few times? I would want an option to turn that off as well. When i’m trading on a platform i want Zero distraction, and now it seems you keep adding more distractions I have to deal with.


I could not agree more. This is supposed to be a trading platform, not a news feed or a constant push for a “Wizard” or a walkthrough.

I don’t think giving the users the ability to turn it off is asking too much.

Even my cell phone gives me the option to turn off notifications.

Thanks for your feedback. The Tradovate Help flag is a different technology and we are working on balancing minimal distractions with noticeable enough warnings for users that ask us to direct them for help. For this specific notification, we are evaluating some options to adjust the behavior. Currently, if it pops up upon first login and close it, you should not see it again during your trading session.

While you are at it can you please also address having an option to turn off the news feed?

It is just a distraction for those of us that do not use it.


This pop-up is intensely irritating. I’ve been using Tradovate for two years. I don’t need an introductory guide. It gives the impression that all users come as quickly as they go and doesn’t make the platform look professional.

I have the same opinion on the news feed (as mentioned by other users). I really don’t need to know if the ‘Malaysia stock market anticipates a soft start’.

It would be great to see both of these irritations gone.