An Option to not have News alert popups

It is inevitable that the popup window will cover buttons i need to get to when trading. It has caused a few issues for me having to close that window just to get back to the trading platform. I would just like and option in the setting to turn “News alert popups” off. The Red number is fine, it’s the popup window that covers the function buttons of the trader is the problem for me.


I agree 100%. My DOM is situated under there & I have accidentally placed an order while trying to get rid of the news.

Just seems like a simple option to turn it off would be fine.

I found a way you can stop the news pop-ups, Simply never dismiss the news. Just leave the “Red Flag” with the numbers there, that seem to stops the pop up window from activating.

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 11.10.21 AM

Maybe there is already a way to do this & I am missing it.

Can you turn of the Current News notifications, or just hide it altogether? Personally I don’t look at them, and I am constantly having to go up there and “Dismiss All”.

If this is not currently a feature I think there would be a benefit in the ability to turn it off.



I would love to see this irritation gone. I really don’t need to know if the ‘Malaysia stock market anticipates a soft start’.

At least providing an option to show or remove the news would good. There is nothing wrong with the existence of a news feed. But having constant notifications about news and not being able to switch them off is not good.


Could not agree more - Many have asked for this but they just seem to ignore us.

Starting in release 1.210319.0, we’ve added a new configuration to the “Notifications” area in Application Settings to enable/disable news notifications:

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