Indicator overlay trouble

New to Tradovate. Hii there!
I am trying to overlay a stochrsi on top of the 3/10 oscillator.
Every time I do this the overlay ends up on the actual chart, squishing everything.
I just want two indicators in one box on the bottom. Any chance this is possible?
Thank you!

Hi @MBF, welcome to Tradovate.

When you see the detail page that allows you to change the Indicator parameters, look for the ‘Add As…’ field. Change the toggle from ‘Overlay’ to ‘Area’. Then in the dropdown menu right beside it, choose the chart are that you want to add the indicator to.

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Hi Alexander. I tried that and it still adds the indicator to the upper chart. I will send a pic of what it looks like on TOS. It s a StochRSi K period with the LBR 3/10 Slow line only in yellow.

The bottom one is the two overlaid, the top is just the plain 3/10.

Can you post a screenshot of what your params look like when you add the indicators to your chart?

The other option is to use a Worksheet. In the indicators dropdown, worksheet is one of the options. The indicators you’re looking to use will have expression names as well. You can use them in the worksheet editor to create multi-expression indicators (which use multiple indicators to create a ‘higher-order indicator’, if you will).

Here’s one I made using a stochastic(14, 3).K and a rsi(14).rsi (plus I’m plotting dotted lines at 30 and 70):

See this post to learn more about Worksheets.

I hope this is what you meant.
Didn’t expect you to be so “on it”!
On the TTOS chart, it is the Stochrsi with an overlay of the 3/10 Oscillator with only the 3/10 Slow line showing. Just in case,

Meanwhile, I will take a look at the worksheet. I just started using Tradovate today. :slight_smile:

Alexander? SOS! :pray:t2: Right now I am trading off of TTOS charts, and executing on Tradovate. Not working out well as I cant place to buy or sell stops.

I am able to successfully combine them but they don’t quite look like they do on TOS - looks like the 3/10 is normalized to a percent somehow and then laid over the stochastic RSI on the TOS platform. Here’s what overlaying them looks like on ES right about now:

The reasoning behind this is that 3/10 oscillates between ~-50 to ~+50, whereas the RSI oscillates between 0 and 100.

Here the is the slow-line transposed 50 units, its the red line on the top chart area shown here, this is pretty close:

That is perfect! Good enough. i know it well enough to be able to compensate for the descrepancy. So do tell? How did you manage?

Yeah I’m not sure how TOS does it. I am terrible with code and such. Honestly just lay them over each other and it works. I know all platforms have their pos and negs. I cant even get them in the same box togeether.

First remove the existing indicators. Then add the Stochastic RSI with your chosen params. Then add a worksheet from the indicator menu. Copy these settings:

That should give you the transposed line. Try to apply a normalization formula to that and you’ll be all set, but that’s the basic way to do it.

Notice that I have the ‘Add As…’ set to ‘Area’ and the target set to LDTSTOCHASTICRSI.

I followed the directions as written. When I save and close the worksheet, the LBR Slowline does not appear. I’ve tried several times. However, I noticed in your worksheet in the pulldown area of “Add as” it shows the LBR option but it does not show the lbrthreetenoscillator as an option for me, although you do not choose it and choose the RSI instead. Might this have something to do with it at all?

Alex. Still having trouble. Is it because i doo not have a funded account and I am on a trial account?

Hmm are you sure that you’re adding the Stochastic RSI indicator to the space first before trying to add the worksheet? The options for the dropdown depend on what already exists in the chart space. I just started with the stochastic RSI in my chart space vs starting with the 3/10. It’s less work to make the worksheet with the 3/10 vs the RSI since I only need to plot the 1 line (threeTen.SlowLine) from the 3/10 vs 4 lines (overbought, oversold, middle, RSI) with the stoch rsi.

Yes i followed to the tee. When i delete all indicators, add RSI then add the worksheet and press save, no slowline from the 3/10 shows up. I looked into the area that says, configure chart settings and the worksheet is there. Not sure what I am doing wrong.