Indicator overlay trouble

Is there a way to share an indicator on Tradovate?

Yes, that’s how you downloaded the indicators that you have actually. But I think that maybe what you want is to share a template. Here’s a link to a template that uses those two indicators overlaid.

Ah yes, I see, doesn’t quite pan out the same as TOS. I wonder how TOS auto normalizes this. That is a bummer.
Thank you soo much for your help Alex, it is greatly appreciated!

Well, what they actually do is they use this formula on each point ((Xcurrent - Xmin) / (Xmax - Xmin)) * 100 which gives a percent value between 0-100 and pair it with RSI that is already between 0-100. You could make a custom indicator that performed that function fairly easily by modifying the existing code. The absolute simplest way would be to take that 3/10 indicator’s code and apply this formula to the SlowLine output.

You’ve inspired me. I created a Higher-Order-Indicator called toPercent. When used in a worksheet it allows you to take any input and turn it into a value between 0-100 based on its min and max values.


You do realize that I may as well be reading Chinese. “Your input here”? I can’t even get a simple worksheet to work! Please send the template, SOS. :rofl:

Same link, I updated the template.

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I KNOW how coders are. It took me yrs to get anything accomplished with TOS code and even now I struggle. I seem in a hurry because I only have the trial version until Friday. I want this to work but if I can’t get it to I will have to stay with TOS. I’ve tried trading using it just for execution, hoping that would suffice but its awful. Anyway, this is why I am in a hurry.

No worries, hope that indicator helps you out. Does that look more like the version you have on TOS?

No Slowline appeared

No slowline appeared on this one. I can’t tell if you’re getting these as your face isn’t appearing to the right of my replies.

Try this one link

If that doesn’t work, ensure you also have the Percent Conversion indicator installed that I linked further up in the thread

Is this correct? This is the formula I plugged in. Then there are the configured chart elements.

Here is the setup I have when I add the worksheet to the chart. I ensure to choose the “Add as…” → “Area” setting with “LDTSTOCHASTICRSI” as the target area.

Result for me: