FootprintCandles overlay

This is a “footprint” overlay for candlesticks. It allows you to see areas of high buying or selling. You can specify tick resolution and the minimum delta threshold to display.

If “absolute high deltas” is off, the highlighted deltas will be based on the average of the “delta lookback” period and the “contrast” which is how close the current bar’s delta is to the absolute delta MA (lookback). It is recommended to keep “absolute high deltas” and “only high deltas” on and just adjust “tick resolution” and “absolute high delta value” for the specific instrument.

This script is not super polished and it probably won’t be. There are some slight rounding errors when tick resolution is too large relative to total ticks per candle because of the way the data is aggregated, but it works well enough. Maybe someone will debug/ optimize this in the future.

Zoom in to see delta values text.