Price Action Session Candlestick Bar Counter 5min

I’m publishing a new indicator.

An Al Brooks style 5min bar count labeler. This custom indicator will label bar 1 and every even bar in the regular trading cash session on a 5min candlestick chart.


Published an update:

  1. labels all 300 bars of the 24 hour session
  2. colors label of hourly and bar 18 differently.

Hello @JackieW, I’ve been loving your bar counter. I think the time did not update with the time change though. The bars started counting at 5:30 pst and I can’t find a way to change.


I’m having the same problem since the latest TV update.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll push out an update this weekend to hopefully resolve this issue.

I noticed this was happening in the desktop version of the platform. I did not see it happen when I used the web version of Tradovate. As a workaround, try using

I published a new update to this indicator to resolve the issue (v1.2).

Hopefully things will continue to work on the next DST change (March 12, 2023).