Price Action Session Candlestick Bar Counter 5min

I’m publishing a new indicator.

An Al Brooks style 5min bar count labeler. This custom indicator will label bar 1 and every even bar in the regular trading cash session on a 5min candlestick chart.


Published an update:

  1. labels all 300 bars of the 24 hour session
  2. colors label of hourly and bar 18 differently.

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Hello @JackieW, I’ve been loving your bar counter. I think the time did not update with the time change though. The bars started counting at 5:30 pst and I can’t find a way to change.


I’m having the same problem since the latest TV update.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll push out an update this weekend to hopefully resolve this issue.

I noticed this was happening in the desktop version of the platform. I did not see it happen when I used the web version of Tradovate. As a workaround, try using

I published a new update to this indicator to resolve the issue (v1.2).

Hopefully things will continue to work on the next DST change (March 12, 2023).

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Hello @JackieW recently the bar counter has been counting bar 1 after 2 hours the market has opened. so instead of market count bar 1 at 6:30 am it counts bar 1 at 8:30 am.

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I’m looking into this now. I hope to publish a fix soon.

Ya think it’d be an easy fix but javascript doesnt seem to have native DST support. For example, I’m currently in Southeast Asia where DST is not observed. This makes testing and verification of any changes difficult.

I just published an update (v1.3) to hopefully resolve this issue.

Give it a try. If there are any problems, please report.

Hi @JackieW this indicator is exactly what i was looking for. But for some reason when i install and select it, no numbers appear underneath the candles, is there anything specifically i need to do to get it working? thank you so much !

Number labels won’t render if you are zoomed out too far. So, try zooming in.

If that’s not it, post a screenshot along with the indicator settings.