Tick and volume countdown

Show countdown timer for ticks and volume charts

Looking forward for this feature.

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there is one available for tick but the text is black and hard to read, its called Tick Countdown.

Yes the one I found was called mph Tick Counter. However the counter appears directly above the current bar, which it distracting. Preferably, the counter would be in the bottom right-hand corner, or somewhere less conspicuous than at the current bar

Having a box with the count that you could move to an appropriate place would be optimal. This way everyone is happy. Style selection for box background color/transparency, font color, etc would be sweet and of course the ability to lock in place once set.

I’m not a huge fan of the current time count down in the tab for the chart because it’s small and I want to be watching the sticks instead of the tab with the countdown.

The original implementation of the countdown in the tab was done to handle cases where a user would have multiple charts of differing time frames open in a stack of tabs.

Oh, I see. In that scenario the tab presentation makes a lot of sense. Keeping that as an option, maybe a checkbox like “Display in Chart Tab” could be added to the configuration screen.

Hi, Any ideas when this feature will be available?


Time countdown is seriously flawed on 1hr chart. It counts down to bottom of the hour which makes no sense whatsoever. I realize market opens at bottom of the hour, but people use that timer to gauge when the next candle is forming.

We need a countdown option for both time based charts and tick charts.

Hi Brian, know you guys are really busy but do you know when a tick chart countdown/alert may be available?


The dev this is assigned to is finishing up a couple tasks, this is next on his list