Countdown to regular trading hours

Today I got my face ripped cause I was trading at 9:29am and didn’t realize market was about to open, and gave up all my day profits on a single candle, the thing is I was making fun of a friend who had this happen a few weeks ago and I said to him he had to be more careful.

Would it be possible to show a countdown to market open?

here is an example of how some brokers do it:


here is how you could do it for example:

I know you guys are focused on big improvements, but this kinda things are fairly small and go a long way, yet they seem to be on the backlogs for a long time, there is other ticket already with a similar request, but this would complement that, or may be easier to implement in the meantime.

There is literally a clock built in already…if you are not paying attention that is pretty ridiculous. Lesson learned, right? Also…stop loss…

I get it, this is one of these things you think wont happen to you till it happens to you.

And yes I had a stop that’s what what took me out of the trade still not fun.

I mean Webull, Thinkorswim, Schwab, Ninja Trader, Sierra Chars, Trade Station,Trading View Multicharts, Prorealtime, Interactive Brokers, All of them have this feature, so something tells me I’m not in the minority here. Is just one less thing to have in the back of your mind, while you trade.