Platform Clock Blocked!

The Tradovate platform clock is blocked by pop-ups for up to 30 seconds every time an order is placed / filled. The clock should be visible to traders at all times. I was instructed by Tradovate reps to request of the developer to make the notification pop-ups for fills / orders appear somewhere else, instead of in front of the clock. I’m hoping the developer sees this post, and makes that change. It blows when you are trading, and want to know when the next candle / bar is going to appear, especially on the 1 & 5 minute time frames.

you can enable a second count down on charts

Please tell me how. I would appreciate it

Click the gear icon labeled “View Settings” in the top right corner of a chart, then select “Bar Countdown Settings…”

there is no where to display that time on the charts next to the candle?