Tick countdown on Heikin-Ashi charts

It would be very helpful to have tick countdown on Heikin-Ashi tick charts. A bonus would be the ability to have the countdown text in the chart tab or on the chart itself. If the countdown text box were on the chart, it would be great to be able to treat the text like any other text box on the chart (e.g. be able to edit the font, resize it etc. and move it around on the chart).


I Use this Community Indicator and it works on Heikin Ashi candles as well. This might be a nice alternative until your request gets met.

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Sweet, thank you!

For the moderators, I would prefer this to not be marked as completed because it would be nice to have baked-in solution from Tradovate.

Tradovate has a baked-in solution that will display in the chart tab.

To enable it, go to the chart module settings:

There are a few configurations you can set for it:

It will display in the chart tab: