Footprint summary for each bar

First of all, I just want to say great job to the team at Tradovate. You guys are doing incredible work and you’re blowing your competitors out of the water. Keep it up.

There’s one small thing that’s missing in Tradovate which would be amazing, though. The footprint chart (called “Bid-Ask Volume” on Tradovate under Chart Type) displays a lot of information, and it’s hard to see whether there’s net selling aggression or net buying aggression at a given time at a glance.

On Ninja, beneath each bar on the footprint chat, there’s a summary which shows the following:

  • Total volume traded for that bar
  • The net percentage of that volume which has hit the bid or lifted the ask - this is really important - for example, if 1000 lots traded on a bar total, with 600 lots lifting the offer (aggressor buying) and 400 lots hitting the bid (aggressor selling), then that bar should show a green positive 10%. 50/50 would show 0% (0 cumulative delta).
  • Cumulative delta for that bar - in the example above it would show positive 100

I uploaded a screenshot of what it looks like on Ninja. Tradovate would really benefit by adding it - people would love it, it’s what makes the footprint actually usable and helpful, in my opinion.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hey, check out Volume Delta Grid indicator and LDT Volume Grid Extension. It solves most of these. Can take a look at the code and add something for the percentages.



Can you do a quick explain on how to get this to work correctly? Mine always just opens empty. I feel like I am missing something.

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You have to use it on the New charts it doesn’t work on Legacy charts

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Wonderful tools that assure the direction, its more power than any volume trading in my opinion. hope tradovate to do it soon