Bid-Ask Volume chart tuition required

I’m trying to find tuition on the Bid-Ask Volume chart.
Is there any information on how to read this?
Can anyone offer advice please.

On YouTube you can search for “Order Flow” this is the general description for what you are looking for. I think the chart you are talking about is called the DOM or Depth Of Market.
You are on the right track here. I am confident that you will need this information to be successful at trading. It is the Nuts and Bolts of the Market.

Cheers Scott, it’s the Bid-Ask Volume chart that I need info on, the DOM I know.

Hi Simon - the guy who apparently invented “footprint charts” (Bid-Ask Volume on Tradovate) is named Trevor Hartnet - he was part of a company called Market Delta. You can google both for lots of pages and videos related. Heres a decent summary

Thanks for getting back to me and the info.
Cheers, S