Learning to Read the DOM

I’m new to DOM and was wondering what the number that prints at each level next to the price in the middle column represents? I’m assuming its not volume traded because i rarely see it go above 10 at certain times. Any help would be appreciated!

I would more explanation about the TV DOM. I like TV but their education videos only cover the obvious.

hi. one side is the bid and the other is the offer contracts. try using the histogram on the dom too. its helpful also. good luck with your trading.

I am wondering the same thing here. I assume it is showing the number of market orders being put in but of course each order can contain any number of contracts so its not really all that useful. This is just an assumption though and it would be good if one of the team could chime in to confirm.

If I’m right then it means we need to pay much more attention to the DOM volume histogram and do some very quick maths to determine how many contracts trade at each price or watch the tick stream and DOM simultaneously, neither of which are ideal.