How do I contact Tradovate for a support issue

We want to make it as easy as possible for users to get the support they need. We’ve consolidated all of the support resources under the Help icon (?) on the bottom right of the main trader workspace window:

Clicking this icon will raise a modal with links to different ways you can find answers to your questions:
Here you will find:

  • The phone number for the Trade Desk which should be used for any Live trade-related questions
  • The phone number for the Support Team which can be used for any questions related to the platform or any other queries related to your account at Tradovate
  • A quick link to Chat with Tradovate Support reps
  • A link to our Video Tutorials
  • A link to launch our Help Overlays which detail some specific functions in the modules in the trader
  • A quick link to Tradovate’s FAQs which provide answers to common questions
  • A link to open a modal to submit a Support Ticket
  • If your question requires further one-on-one help from a Tradovate Support rep, you can request a personalized screen share support session. Clicking this link will launch a scheduler which will allow you to pick a convenient day/time where Tradovate will be able to assist via screen share and answer any questions or help troubleshoot any issues: