Help with API installation and Automation Code

I am a trader by background with limited tech experience.
I have API keys ready to go but need help with initial installation of API and sample automation code to get going.
Have gone through API tutorials but they are a little beyond my tech knowledge at moment.
Any simple/basic help with installation would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @spwelsh26.

Welcome to the community!

There are a lot of resources out there for you to learn the Tradovate API, but it sounds like you might need to start at a more basic point. First you’ll need to learn the real basics of programming and using a REST API. I’d suggest you brush up on your JavaScript, since our tutorial content is mostly written in JS. JS learning resources are plentiful, sometimes too much. Start with a search for ‘js basics’ or something to that degree.

Once you’re comfortable with the baiscs, try searching for something like ‘using a rest api js’ on google. Get yourself to the point where you’re comfortable creating a new project from scratch and making API calls. Then revisit the Tradovate API tutorials and they will make a lot more sense.

Thank you. Will get on it.