Looking for a developper for Tradovate API


I would like to find a developer to write some code on the Tradovate API, does someone know some developers who specialized in Tradovate software? Thank you for your help.

Best regards.

Hi i am a Javascript developer with experience using tradovates api to create automated trading software.

Were you able to obtain a CME license for the data feed, @Autumnate? When I enquired it was prohibitively expensive and I am curious what you are paying. Thanks!

What was the cost that CME quoted you? I saw on another thread that it was $310/month per exchange plus $520/month indirect access fee if connecting through tradovate

You will have to provide the trading account that has access to the cme also the strategy for buying and selling

You will to provide the cme account the client is responsible for this.

I received this message when I tried to use my API: Exception: Failed to get account list. Status code: 401, Detail: <Response[401]>

Any advice?

Isn’ t API for pro coders sans amateurs? I never detected any legit concern for traders.

Did I ask you that question?

hello ,I have experience in tradovate api auto trade, I use java build the auto trade program with websocket API ,and get the footprint data by tick market data,but I have no a Effective trading strategy,and stock by the CME license (see I am not able to get Symbol Data - #74 by margolinm ),may be we can together work . my email:zhangdc007@qq.com