Looking for a Developer to launch auto trader

I am looking for a Developer who can re-write my Tradingview strategy and make it work on Tradovate. It is not at all complicate and is not very long, it is less than 300 lines of Pine Script on Tradingview. I am looking for a complete turn key solution and quickly. If in your opinion Tradovate is not the ideal platform for this and you know another that will work, I will move. I need to have my auto trader working. Thanks, Ron

Why not just stay with TradingView?

I haven’t used the Tradovate API so I can’t say how hard or easy it would be or if it is even doable. Either way, I would be more inclined to say go with NT8 or Quantower for strategies. Those platforms do cost money but I think they are more user friendly (for non-developers) when it comes to charting, entering orders manually and bot trading. You will also be able to find a developer for NT8 quicker than Tradovate (or Quantower, which is what I personally use).