A Strategy To Automate

Hi All,
I am interested about automating my Tradovate strategy. Is there anyone who can help me with that?.. I am looking for the service to automate my strategy. If anyone is offering this service, please drop me an email at - predioptions@gmail.com.


I sent an email but posting here for others.

I’m a professional developer with 20+ years of development experience. I have written my own strategies and integrated with Tradovate’s websocket api.

Building software is surprisingly expensive. There are edge cases inexperienced developers don’t notice. Knowing how to handle those takes experience. You can outsource this task on fiverr at considerably less cost, but you’ll be in charge of ensuring the program is complete and working well. A lot of ‘working well’ has nothing to do with the basic code for the strategy itself.

Things to consider…what happens when:

  • program is not running when expected? what ensures you’re program is running?
  • program crashes, is restarted, crashes again?
  • program errors and stops running. before, during, and after a trade?
  • program connectivity to the network or api fails (specific failure type)?
  • program receives an unexpected value from your api?
  • server/computer experiences a freeze/restart?
  • tradovate changes their api unexpectedly? (how do you notice and resolve this quickly?)

overall unit and integration testing strategy?

Those are just a few examples. The complexity is often not in the strategy itself, but what to do when things go wrong.

The auto trading route is fraught with problems… but surmountable. If you want help from others you’ll need to define:

  • What your strategy does
  • What the program does when handling all of the above types of errors
  • What you feel comfortable managing in your code and infrastructure and how you’ll mange that on the day to day
  • How you would like to monitoring your algo. pulse? sms messages? discord bot? something else?
  • How much you’re willing to pay to bridge the gaps between what you feel comfortable doing and what you need others to help you with.

Good luck

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