Third Party Algos

I wish Tradovate would provide access to third-party algos like Ninja Trader and other brokers do.

Hi Bruce,

We have strategies and backtesting on the roadmap

Does “roadmap” mean you are working on it? If so, do you have an estimated ETA?

This would be great. I code automation in Tradingview (connected to Tradovate) but they don’t pass live orders. So I just have Tradingview place a “buy/sell” on the chart and I manually enter the orders. Strategy works great, especially overnight, but I need to sleep at some point! Hoping to get these automated directly to Tradovate.

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There are some dependent items in front of it we are currently working on. We will keep the forum updated with progress, for sure


Any updates on this. Can we send orders from trading view using webhooks to tradovate?

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TradingView provides a webhook that will send buy/sell alerts from strategies created there. Perhaps taking that standard formatted data and using it to place actual orders in Tradovate. That would be a game changer and put Tradovate right into the “algo” market!
I would be happy to be a test subject as I already have the alerts going to my Discord group with the buy/sell price level along with long/short positions and potential targets.
This could easily be converted to live orders in Tradovate.

Hi, I would like to have signals from Tradingview’s strategy() to submit live orders into Tradovate.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. can you use webhooks?

Thank you.

After a few phone calls and much digging, this is still not available. To automate your strategy you have to use a different broker and a google chrome extension. Cheers. Hopefully Tradovate gets this figured out soon- there is a lot of business being lost.

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With the update to our charting internals now in Beta, our next big project will be strategies in Tradovate, automation and backtesting.


thank u sir! I appreciate it.

BWeis, suggestion… have a " Algo Start" / “Algo Stop” button in TV to better control the algo engine.

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