Best way to learn or hire someone for API developement

I would like to learn how to write code for the API for trade management and or hire someone does anyone have any suggestions

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If you’re brand new to writing code, and you want to focus on getting to the Tradovate API I’d suggest learning programming fundamentals, then move into JavaScript - start basic and work your way up. Once you’re feeling confident with the language, move on to our documentation. Here’s a short list:

And of course, you can direct your questions right here to the Tradovate Community, search for others who may have had similar issues in the past, and get answers you might not be able to find in the docs.

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I am reading API integration threads and thinking why Tradovte is not providing integration service.

I tried to outsource and they need to access to my account to understand integration.

What do you suggest???


All you should need to start working with the API is an API Key and credentials. If you are worried about giving away your personal credentials, create a dedicated password for your API key. This way, when you give out the credentials you can protect your real password. Should anyone ever abuse your API key, you can invalidate it. For businesses, we offer B2B partnership services as well should you want more dedicated support from our team than a retail user would receive.

Hello Alexander

Thanks for your prompt response.

In order to fully functional API integration you need to have programming knowledge which i certainly do not understand. (at 70 years of age)

If your team can setup for me that would be great.

You can contact our technology dept about enterprise solutions by going here. Just so you are aware, our typical situation with business partners assumes that you have a dedicated developer that we can guide through the integration process. However, it never hurts to ask for what you want - we will do our best to find solutions that work for you!