Easily adding Brackets/oco AFTER a position has been opened

I’d like to add brackets (OCO stop loss and take profit) after a position has been opened. That way I can walk away from the computer. I can not find an easy or intuitive/graphical way to do this.

Hi @Henry_Margulies

Do you currently use the One-Time OCO order in the DOM? See this article here:

**Reference the section “Place a one-time OCO order in the DOM

Let me know if this is what you had in mind

Hello @BWeis, I’m afraid it isn’t what I’m looking for. The Tradovate DOM only currently allows for a pair of opposing buy-sell OCO orders. I’d like to have a buy-buy, or a sell-sell OCO pair. So if I enter a market sell position, I can have a buy-buy pair of OCO orders as my take profit and stop loss. And ideally, it’d be nice to do it graphically on the chart as well and not on the DOM only.

But of course, I understand that there are limited resources and other people don’t seem to be looking for this feature like me! I’ll just make sure to use a stop-loss/take-profit whenever I open a position instead of trying to add it later on.

I moved this to the Feature Request Category