Easier One Time OCO

Team -

I would like it to be more intuitive to enter an OCO order (to close - once you’ve already placed an order w/o bracket).

It seems you click on the OCO one-time option, but have to right click one side, and not right click the other?

I get the “wrong combination” error all the time - or accidentally close my position by not right clicking appropriately.

Hi @PhineasAndFerb

Right-click on the DOM will send a Stop order and Left-click will send a Limit order. If you want to reach out to the support team they’d be happy to schedule a screen share and walk-thru/explain the functionality so it is a little more clear.

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I am also interested in this. Phineas and I would like to enter positions without brackets. Then later on if we need to leave the computer, we could add an OCO order: a stop loss and a take profit wherein when one of them is filled, the other is cancelled.

Thank you, and I hope that clarified things. This is a big perk of other platforms like tradingview. Tradovate already has the ability to place OCO orders, but there’s no easy way/intuitive way to do it on the chart. I trade off the charts mostly, so brackets on the charts would really help.

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Hi Brian - I have been playing around with it on Demo account and figured it out based on your instructions. Thank you. That helps! I would just say it is not as intuitive as other platforms. On most of them, when you turn on one time OCO - you can hover over the DOM on either side and you will see a “ghost” of the brackets - if you are below price you can click and simultaneously set stop and limit with one click, or if you are above - same. Much easier…