Add stop loss and limit on chart

How to add stop loss and limit on already filled position on chart. I asked the support chat they said I can do in DOM but for me who does not need Dom on stand-alone and have it on the chart this is incinveniet to open DOM just for this.

Have you tried this?

Well, you can do it anywhere. The DOM does have a nice feature to add one-time OCOs after you have entered. Personally, I find it easier to setup pre-configured bracket orders and then adjust them after they are already in the market and I like to trade from the structure in the chart. However, if you also want to use only a chart and you want to buy/sell and then, after the order is in the market, add an OCO, then just follow this video’s instructions:

Are you referring to placing those orders on the chart?? If so, make sure “Trade Mode” is on in the settings. Once it is - just click on the chart at the price you want to buy at and then choose the correct order (Limit/Stop Loss). Do not click on the actual price, but on the chart at that price. Once the order is in, you can drag it to change it if needed.

I am not sure if this is what you were referring to, but I thought I would take a shot at helping :slight_smile:

Thanks. bit this video only shows how to put orders and not adding stop loss fo example once you enter the market. What I want is to add stop loss and take profit to the filled order in the market.

Jason had a good reco in his first response. Set your brackets as wide or narrow as you want, they will show on the chart, then you can drag them on the chart as desired or delete them on the chart as well. Of course this assumes your placing trades via the DOM. I’ve never tried the chart trade mode.