Websocket md/subscribeQuote error: "Symbol is inaccessible"

I’m trying to connect to the market data websocket in Python. I have no problems getting authorized with the access token or syncing my account with the websocket but when I try to subscribe to md/subscribeQuote I get this error:

a[{"s":200,"i":1,"d":{"errorText":"Symbol is inaccessible","errorCode":"UnknownSymbol","mode":"None"}}]

It doesn’t matter what symbol or symbol ID I use; I always get the same error.
Here is the plain text I am sending to the socket; from what I have read, this should be the correct format:



I’ve seen other posts on the forum talking about needing to purchase a CME license, is that true? If so, why is that not listed on Tradovate’s Docs?

Does the websocket market data connection still work for anyone?

I’ve seen a few posts about this in the past and would love a clear answer from anyone (but especially someone who works at Tradovate)!