Not found error

Hello, I’m trying to get some historical data but get a “not found error” 404 while using the websocket:

body = {
        "symbol": "ESM4",
        "chartDescription": {
            "underlyingType": "Tick",
            "elementSize": 1,
            "elementSizeUnit": "UnderlyingUnits"
        "timeRange": {
            "asMuchAsElements": 200

endpoint = 'md/getChart'
_request_id = 1


error message : {‘s’: 404, ‘i’: 1, ‘d’: ‘“Not found: md/getChart”’}

Could you please help figure out how to get historical data? and also I where I can find all the field mapping to get in the body for different endpoints ? checking the documentation I don’t see much information on this part.

There’s a different url for market data: ‘wss://’.

Using that url gives a different response: ‘{ errorText: ‘Symbol is inaccessible’, errorCode: ‘UnknownSymbol’, mode: ‘None’ }’.

Maybe something to do with the CME considering me a data distributor or not.