Using API to trade multiple accounts

I would like to know if the following is possible using tradovate API, could I have multiple accounts in tradeovate, and then from one master account place a trade that would be replicated across multiple accounts based on a certain percentage based on each account balance. For example lets say I have 3 accounts we shall call them Acct 1 (Master Account), Acct 2 (sub-account 2), and Acct 3 (sub acct 3), the balance for each account is as follows Master Acct balance= $100,000, Sub Act 2 balance= $50,000 and Sub Acct 3 balance= $20,000. Now for my master account, I want to only ever trade 2.5% of my total acct balance, for sub acct 2 I want to only ever trade 3% of my account balance, and for sub acct 3 I want to only trade 1% of my account balance. So let’s say I place a trade going long, my stop is always two bars back, I place the trade on my master acct, and then it replicated to all my other accts but my contract size will not necessarily be the same as the master acct size the most I’m willing to risk per acct is based on the balance of the acct and the percentage I choose. I would like to know if this is possible using Tradeovate API